IMG 3239In the past four months, we've launch five new websites, two of which that have something called "responsive design" built in. Simply put, this means that the page elements redraw and rearrange themselves to fit whatever screen used to view them. A full blown 1200 pixel site works poorly on a 480 pixel wide smartphone. Responsive design prioritizes the more important parts and casts off the purely ornamental so that the user can access only the parts of the site that work best for mobile.

This is the preferred alternative to a mobile-ready companion site and much less expensive than an app. We can create a responsive site for you as well. Because there's additional time for code and testing, there is an additional fee, but it typically adds only about 20-30% to the overall estimate.

superdupermain475I'm usually very careful about predicting trends, but I'm pretty certain that mobile is the future. A site designed purely for a large screen will be ignored by an increasing number of your customers and clients.

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